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Yoga for Pain Management

Yoga Therapy Singapore

Many people are aware that the practice of yoga brings with it various health benefits, such as improved flexibility and better stress resilience. While group yoga classes for the general public can certainly promote health and fitness, they may not be pitched at the right level of intensity for those who are thinking of taking up yoga to help with specific pain conditions. General classes are also not necessarily suited for the purpose of rehabilitation after injury.

Our clinic offers a yoga therapy program that is intended to help you to recover from or better manage your pain condition. In each 50-minute session, you will be taught yoga-based movements and breathing methods specifically designed to suit your needs and abilities. In a therapeutic context, only simple and functional yoga poses will be included. 


As it takes time to learn and progress the development of both strength and flexibility, clients are asked to commit to a minimum of 5 sessions spread over 2-3 months for optimal benefit. Practice handouts will also be provided to facilitate home practice. 

Yoga Therapy Singapore
Sample practice handout

All yoga therapy sessions are conducted one-on-one and guided expertly by Osteopath Bryan Ng, who is also an experienced yoga teacher. He is registered with Yoga Alliance at 500hr level and regularly teaches Yoga Anatomy, Biomechanics and Physiology on teacher-training programs.

Please note that the yoga therapy program is only open to clients who have consulted with Dr Bryan before. If you are new to the clinic, please email us at or Whatsapp 8884 6682 to arrange a time to discuss your health concerns to ensure that this yoga program will be suitable or helpful for you. 

Current clients may book your first personalised yoga session with us online (please select Yoga for Pain Management option).

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