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Bryan currently teaches regular yoga classes on Thursday evenings at Yoga Seeds studio located in Bishan Park. Registration can be made online via On this page you'll find more information about Yin Yoga and a few themed sequences for home practice. Please note that the poses are best learnt from a qualified yoga teacher and the sequences provided here are for reference only. If you are currently suffering from any pain condition, it is best to seek professional advice before undertaking a yoga practice. You may wish to consider one-to-one sessions of Yoga Therapy with Bryan here.

What is Yin Yoga?


Yin Yoga is a quiet, meditative practice consisting of floor poses held for 3 to 5 minutes with the muscles relaxed in order to affect the body's connective tissues, joints and ligaments. These tissues are stretched or compressed in a safe and balanced manner, to allow for smoother flow of chi or energy through the body, aiding joint lubrication and restoring vitality. By consciously attending to the breath, sensations and thoughts that arise with clarity and compassion, Yin Yoga helps to cultivate a sense of equanimity both on and off the yoga mat. The guiding principles of Yin Yoga are: 


  • Come to an appropriate depth

Move slowly into the shape of the pose, feeling for the first sensation of stretch or pressure, and stopping there at the balance point between comfort and challenge.


  • Resolve to remain still

Minimise on unnecessary fidgeting to allow both the body and mind to settle into stillness, moving only when the sensations become a little too overwhelming to sustain, requiring modification or coming out of the pose earlier.


  • Hold the pose for a period of time

Each pose is usually held for 3 to 5 minutes unless otherwise stated. The sustained stretch or pressure is what helps to strengthen and hydrate the collagen fibres in ligaments and tendons.


Yin Yoga Sequences for Home Practice

Please select a sequence from below for more details. A printer-friendly PDF of Yin Yoga sequences is also available here.

Basic Sequence

Spine Sequence

Hips Sequence

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